Brick and Tile Cutters

Brick and Tile Cutters

18H Brick Cutter

Model 18H Automatic Cutter

  This electro-pneumatic cutter is designed for cutting brick and block. It is made to receive interchangeable reels for different size products. The reels use wire cutting the clay column into the exact product size. The cutter itself has a control consul containing air valves, filters and start/stop cycle controls.

Roof Tile Cutter

Roof Tile Cutter - Mark II

  This is an all pneumatic cutter. This cutter uses cams and arms for trimming tile to size. This makes the cutter very simple with only one cut cylinder and one carriage return cylinder. The main feature of this cutter is that it uses interchangeable cassettes with the platens and trimmer arms attached. A different tile size or shape can be installed in less than 5 minutes and with all adjustments on the cassette, the product will be the same as last. This eliminates the need for two different cutters or spending a day changing over from "Mission Tile" to "S Tile" and getting all adjustments correct.

Floor Tile Cutter

Floor Tile Cutter "Cookie Cutter"

  The cutter is air controlled with a hydraulic ram for the cutting and forming. The carriage moves on two 1-1/2" diameter linear ball bearings. In operation, a measuring wheel rides on the clay columna and signals the carriage to release after moving approximately 3". The vertical ram moves the top platen down to cut, then reverses up. On the way up the ram signals the carriage to return and the carriage moves to the starting position. Dies are made on a Bolster Plate and fit into a slot for quick change. The cutter will accomodate a tile area of approx. 14" wide x 24" long. You can expect 25 cycles per minute (or 50 to 75 tiles per minute). The platen can accomodate (2) 12" x 12" dies at a time. Tile cutter is equipped with a belt drive system. This is necessary when cutting a thin column. Powered with a 1/2 HP motor and DC torque drive controller.

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