Brick Machine

Brick and Tile Machines Suitable for Any Heavy Clay Products

Western Claymachinery Sales., Inc. is proud to be the
Western United States Representative
for J.C. Steele and Sons

Extrusion Machinery Capacity in US Brick
25A Extruder and Pug Sealer 3 - 9 Thousand per Hour
40F Combined Extruder 8 - 12 Thousand per Hour
50F Extruder and Pug Sealer 10 - 17 Thousand per Hour
75AD Extruder and Pug Sealer 15 - 22 Thousand per Hour
75ADC Combiner Extruder 15 - 22 Thousand per Hour
90AD Extruder and Pug Sealer 18 - 30 Thousand per Hour

75ADC Combined Extruder

90AD Extruder and Pug Sealer

Extrusion Dies
for Brick, Floor Tiles and Block
Extrusion Dies
For Roofing Tiles

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